About Me

Hi, I’m Naomi, a 24 years old digital artist from Indonesia. Drawing portraits have been may passion since 2016.

“Here’s a little bit of my story”

It was started of me as bored colleague. I was study Economy in college which is very not related to my passion now. I still remember it strongly, me and my friend was sitting at the back of the class, I took my pencil and started doodling at the last pages of my book.  Here’s what I drew at that time. This was Kendall Jenner btw.


I asked a friend that sit next to me, how does this look? And I remember her said “hey it’s so good, almost look like the actual person” – which actually not really I think XD. And the other said, “wow, you have an art style”. I was very very proud. My family was also very supportive. So the day after, I bought some white paper from a print shop, and cut them in half and turn them in a DIY sketchbook because that was the cheapest way possible a broke colleague could afford :D. Now that I think about it, I’d say that I was pretty creative though. But most importantly I’m very thankful to have friends and family that is very supportive of what I do. The next thing I do is every free time that I had, I spend it by drawing. 

I was actually have been good at drawing ever since I was in high school. I loved to draw anything about fashion, such as clothes and shoes. I also got a lot of praises for my drawings, but never took it seriously. It wasn’t even a hobby, I was just a curious teenager at that time.


Day by day, months by months, my drawings started to get better, i started to draw on a bigger sketchbook. The biggest I bought was a A3 sketchbook. I watched drawing tutorials on youtube, I followed the artist’ social media, learn new techniques and bought new drawing tools using my savings. We didn’t have an art shop in my hometown so I bought it from an online marketplace. I heard that art shop is like heaven for artist and yes that’s true.

Then I start exploring other medium such as watercolor and oil, I immediately fall in love from the first stroke I made.

Then in 2019 I got an iPad and Apple Pencil as New Year’s gift. A life changing in my journey! Lucky that I was started as traditional artist so I didn’t find it hard to start off as a digital artist. That was one of my greatest strength. Here’s 2 of my first drawings.

Art has been a huge part of my life and I’m here to share my journey and everything that I have learn with you!!