My Top Procreate Brushes for Portrait Painting

Procreate is one of the most used and popular digital painting app among designers and illustrators – beginners or professionals. The reason is because it’s very user friendly, you don’t need expensive graphic tools but with just an iPad and apple pencil, procreate allows you to have the experience of painting on a digital canvas whenever or wherever you want. With their endless brushes settings and various textures, procreate has helped me created stunning portraits.

Here are my top brushset I always use in all my portrait drawing.

Sketch Brushes & Coloring Brushes

Although there are no rules, sketching your canvas helps you to get the right proportions and compositions of your painting. I typically do detailed sketch on my canvas with 70% opacity.

Coloring is the most exciting part of a painting process. I usually paint a flat color first and continue adding shadows and lighter part of the skin. This skin tones palette helps me a lot choosing the right color.

Blending Brushes

The smudge tool in Procreate is truly a game changer. I have a set of four blending brushes I often use. I use the blender 1, blender 3 or soft blender to blend the skin area and blender 2 to smoothen the edges.

Lashes & Brows Brushes

These brushes are perfect for eyelashes and eyebrows, and if you don’t want to spend to much time on this part, the stamps is the answer.

Hair Brushes

I usually tested some of the hair brushes before I find the right one that match my needs. I use hair #26 to blend the hair around the forehead area to get more realistic look using smudge tool.